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About Pilates Passion

Pilates Passion – for everyone!

Pilates is a form of exercise for all – everyone can do it and should do

it! The Pilates community welcomes people from all walks of life.

For example, it is beneficial for elite sports people, those wishing to

improve health and fitness, the elderly and children, those with

reduced mobility and pregnant women.


Pilates is all about movement – wherever you are in life, whatever you

do, you must keep your body moving – we were designed for it! And

importantly, it must move in the right way. At Pilates Passion we help

you to train your body to move correctly. As well as training your body,

 you will be training your mind – the two go hand in hand.

You don’t necessarily need any special equipment – just an exercise

mat to  begin with – and so you can readily practice at home!


Fundamental Principles

Joseph Pilates created “Contrology” which later became known as

“Pilates” after him. It was based on six principles to help achieve good


These principles encourage exercisers to really connect with their

body (concentration), to precisely control movement (precision) as

well as make it flow (fluidity). They will do this by using and

developing the strength available, particularly in the core muscles

(centring), along with efficient breathing and good alignment of the


Pilates can re-educate and strengthen the deep stabilising muscles of

the spine and abdomen, as well as mobilise the joints in the body.


This can help us by both energising and relaxing us, making us

generally feel better and improving:

  • muscle flexibility and strength

  • posture

  • co-ordination

  • balance

  • stamina

You will also find yourself thinking about your posture and alignment

during your day to day activities and correcting yourself because you

have become more in tune with and aware of your body!

Pilates can help you to reduce injuries, look after your body and

rehabilitate it.


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